Thursday, March 29, 2012


I've been reading numerous blogs and articles about "how to blog" or the like.  There are so many different opinions out there, but the one central theme I've found is: blog about what you love.  Otherwise you won't do it.  I'm about to hit my 1 month anniversary of blogging this Sunday (cue standing ovation and balloons).  Looking back on day 1, I wasn't sure I'd keep up with it..or even if I'd want to.  Now I think about my little bitsy blog all the time.  Wanting to post on just about everything.  

Today I'm feeling so unproductive.  I've got super senioritis at law school and just want to be done with it.   While I was browsing the internet in classic procrastinator fashion, I came across some quilts.  I have a quilt that my grandmother made.  But, I've never thought about using a quilt as a comforter.  What rooms if any do have a quilt for comforter substitute?
Here's a few I feel like I might be able to try.

happy hawaiian here
blue beauty here
gorgeous in grey here

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