Thursday, March 1, 2012

1st Thursday in March

I did it.  I ran the google search: how to make your own blog.  I clicked the links, I changed some colors, varied the fonts, uploaded a picture.  And here I am.  Searching for something to say.  I should start this blog by saying something about myself, in the off chance someone reads this.   I've been living in New Mexico for almost 8 months now.  I am in my last year of law school and just like that, it's almost over.  I have no idea what I want to do with my legal degree, or if I want to do anything at all related to the law.  Hopefully we will all come to find the answer is yes. In the meantime, I'd like to use this blog to post about things that make me happy during the day or anytime at all.  I am ready to leave my law school life behind and start living. 

 I have noticed that I am constantly biting my tongue.   I go back and forth, am I just so mean I can't say anything out loud? Am I scared people are going to judge me?  Is what I have to say really so important other people must hear it?  So many questions regarding why I don't speak up.  Today, I want to blame these thoughts on law school.  None the less,  I am constantly struggling to find my voice.  With people I'm close with, one on one, small groups, or large groups.  
                I found Dr. Tingley's blog and it's all about helping women find the confidence to speak and be heard.

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