Tuesday, April 17, 2012


I ordered these pencils sometime last week. Can't remember where I saw them, but I am so glad I did.  Write With Moxie is an eco-friendly writing goods company.  Here's what Lisa has to say:

When you surround yourself with pretty things, you tend to be more creative. This is the mantra that I have lived by over the last few years so when I set out to start an office line of products, I knew they had to be a bit out of the ordinary...oh and very pretty! 

It took me a few minutes to decide what I really wanted to do with these pencils I found on her Etsy shop.  I was so excited for their arrival it inspired me to clean up my desk area/guest bedroom.

For the record, I am NOT creative at all.  I wish I was and I've been giving it the ole college try.  If you saw my "dining room table" photo awhile back, my desk looked 10 times worse.  I purged this past weekend and got rid of so much crap.  These are all the writing utensils that sit on my desk now.  Don't worry there is a gallon bag full of pens, highlighters, and pencils in the desk drawer just in case.  

I picked up the ball small mason jar at Double Take, which is a huge consignment shop here in Santa Fe.  It was $3.00.  The other two glass jars I've had for years and used to hold tea lights (so over it).  They've been sitting in a cabinet.  I also had a bag of all these different colored paper clips and holders ect.  I decided to pick out two colors and bam. I stuck the pencils in the mason jar and that finished it.  Clutter free desk, and maybe one I actually want to sit down and do work at.  

What's your at home office or desk situation organization trick?

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