Friday, April 6, 2012

Fabulous Friday

Linking up again with Lauren From My Grey Desk for High Five for Fridays. Okay let's see here.  5 highs.  Goo.
1.  On Sunday we had dinner over at our friends house.  This picture was taken in their backyard.  I know it doesn't look like it's outside, but it is.  Their house is super nice. Roy was really enjoying the fire. 

2.  I've had all my necklaces on this stupid holder thing that I've had since I was probably 14.  I was at Target and of course I left with things I don't need.  Including...this little thingy with hooks.  I put it on my wall next to a big mirror.  I used those velcro strips that stick to the wall, they worked surprisingly well.  And I can also see what the heck is happening with all those necklaces.  

3.  I have a very hard saying no to people when they ask me to do something.  In a nutshell I said I would go to this government meeting for the director of a shelter in New Mexico.  When the time actually came for me to go I was SO nervous.  In the end everything was fine, I learned a lot, and was glad I went.

4.  Sam and I made strawberry pancakes this morning.  Holy delicious face.  They were so good.

5.  We went for our first hike of the spring.  Since ski season is basically over and Roy's been cooped up inside so much we were all looking forward to it.  It was gorgeous.  Here are a couple pics
Roy doin his thing
View of Santa Fe from the trail

PS. 3 weeks of law school left.  It's so close.  But so far away at the same time.

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