Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Colorful Tuesday

It's Tuesday.  Yesterday I was so sick, I didn't go to school (tisk).  But I got a good night sleep, got up early this morning and tried to start tackling things.  Unfortunately, I was pinterest derailed.  Thought I would share a few things I found this morning.  I'm especially drawn to the first two below, because like many other renters out there, a common restriction is no painting (not that I'd be able to paint anything anyways) but I feel like these pictures give so much color to plain white walls.
Find it here

Find it here

Find this here

Finally, here

PS. Sent my mug today for Suzel Says Mug Swap...it took me a while but I feel like I finally found a mug Pamela will love!

Hope the beginning of the week has taken off without any major hiccups!

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