Wednesday, February 6, 2013

So Similar

I'm back again.  I'm hoping that this blog will evolve into something great one day.  Until then, I thought I'd share some thoughts.
Have any of you been swooning over this bracelet from J.Crew?

$125 for this bracelet?  I'm not going to lie...there have been a couple moments where I have honestly thought about splurging for it.  What's so great some of you are asking?  This bracelet is sort of oversized - and looks phenom next to an oversized watch.  So naturally I've been on the look out for a more reasonably priced look alike.  I went to my next most trusted jewelry page Bauble Bar.  Check out the bracelet ....$78.  Okay yes ...better than $125.  But I still didn't know if I was ready to enter my info just yet.  

Welcome, Sira & Mara.  I noticed one of my favorite fashion blogs Happily Grey was wearing this bracelet.  EXCEPT wasn't J.Crew or Bauble Bar.  
So...the big much?  $33.50.  
Moral of this post? Sold.

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